Leslie Denny is the owner of Yogaah, the home for providing instructional services for “feel good” yoga, fitness, thoughts, meditation, life coaching -  all things that feel good.  This website is dedicated to providing you with information and opportunities to join the world of health and peace, both physically and mentally.  Leslie’s focus involves

Focus on Prana/Breath

Focus on Savasana/Peace

Focus on You

Focus on Life

May 2016

Some seeing clouds see rain and gloom,
But I see fields of flowers in bloom.
And rainbows, I learned long ago
It has to rain for flowers to grow.
And so I try to hold my though
Not on what seems but on what ought.
To be, on beauty, life and love.
So when it's spring that I think of,
Spring winds start blowing, spring birds sing,
Spring flowers bloom, in me, it's spring.
Spring is a time of year that starts
Not by the calendar, but in our hearts.
By James Dillet Freeman



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